Bernardo Henning x Nike & Intersport

21st February 2022

Kick it with the kids

A kingpin of sneaker culture, Nike is famous for pairing intuitive design with a commitment to fun – a creative inclination shared by Different Folk artist Bernardo Henning.
Dynamo Go is Nike’s latest innovation in easy-on kids trainers that prioritises play. Eager to emphasise this fun-filled philosophy, sports goods retailer Intersport commissioned Bernardo to bring the Nike Kids lace-free silhouette to life for their most playful customers.
Bernardo uses dynamic composition, sashays of colour and vibrant multi-textual linework to simulate motion – making it easy to imagine the shoes in full-tilt play-mode. The eye joyfully bounces from the scribbles to Nike swooshes.
We all need a reminder to play more, so go and check out Bernardo’s colourful campaign creations here!

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