In-house, we’re a team of creative consultants, producers and artists. Our combined technical understanding and experience of the industry means we skilfully consult and collaborate with commissioners to produce work that feels truly different.


Executive Producer

Rebecca stands at the core of The Different Folk, bringing over a decade of industry muscle and creative experience with her. As Executive Producer, she steers the company with visionary leadership and an unwavering commitment to the global arts scene. Her approach is all about empowering the team and pushing our creatives to flourish, blending strategic vision with hands-on experience to guide projects from concept to completion. Rebecca excels at championing our creatives, a practice refined through more than 10 years of experience, with leading diverse initiatives in photography, animation, and CGI. She’s dedicated to inspiring excellence and positioning our collective on the world stage, ensuring that every collaboration is an opportunity to showcase the extraordinary talent within our ranks.


Agent & Producer

Isobel has a sharp yet effortlessly cool eye for talent. With her enthusiasm and advocacy for diversity, Isobel enriches our artist portfolio by challenging industry norms and fostering meaningful connections. Isobel is at ease when navigating the nuances of complex communication and managing delicate situations, and as a standout Producer, her skill in balancing creative vision with practical needs is unmatched. Isobel's passion for art, rivalled only by her love for Spurs, adds a unique flavour to our agency’s culture. Her background on both sides of the creative process, from production foresight to art buying through years of network building, gives her an unmatched edge in artist strategy and portfolio development. Isobel's dedication to understanding each artist's individuality ensures that their creative visions are both represented and celebrated.

Emilie Tardivel

Senior Agent & Producer

Em is our strategic linchpin at TDF. Blending both a profound understanding of art with savvy business insights, she’s the architect behind some of our most memorable collaborations; using her knack for strategic thinking and love for a well-organised spreadsheet to bring artists and brands together. Em also plays a crucial role in identifying and nurturing artists, aligning their unique styles with suitable projects, and guiding them towards successful collaborations and career growth. Always for steering talent towards the spotlight, Em makes sure that an artists’ unique style gets the stage it deserves.