Behind every commission is a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. We may be small, but we have big ambitions. Before we get to work, it’s only right that we introduce ourselves.


Senior Illustration Agent

Your go-to for all things Different Folk, Rebecca manages our artists and takes care of everything client-side. Having worked in illustration, photography and CGI, with brand giants such as Google, Pepsi Max and adidas, her time as an agent has been varied to say the least. And, based on our growing roster, it’s only going to continue spanning new and exciting areas.


Creative Director

Covering all things received by the eye, Giles calls the shots on what is a hit or a bit… As an Art Director, Giles has worked for publications such as ‘Grazia’, ‘NME’ and ‘Stylist’, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about what looks good on the printed page. As for everywhere else, he’s worked as a consultant for folks like Soho House and The Ritz Hotel.


Senior Project Manager

Heading up our behind-the-scenes project management is Lucy. She works on stealthily dotting the is and crossing the ts for every enquiry that comes our way. No project is too big, no time frame too short for an organisation-fanatic like herself. With a client list that includes JP Morgan, Jaguar Land Rover and RBS, she’s had plenty of practice.