Yay Abe & Maxime Manga x AFCON

12th February 2024

Kicking off AFCON

In January, the work of two TDF artists took centre stage at the opening ceremony of The African Cup of Nations – the continent’s biggest football festival – infusing the biennial sporting event with a sprinkling of cultural storytelling.

Bringing the essence of AFCON to life in front of a global audience in Ivory Coast, Yay Abe and Maxime Manga honoured the host country’s customs in the creation of a ceremonial carpet. TDF’s largest canvas to date, it was characterised by deep colours, strong lines and cultural motifs.
The breadth of the installation, which spanned a staggering 46 by 91 metres, was rivalled only by the intricacies detailed throughout, serving as a physical embodiment of Ivory Coast’s history and spirit.

Infusing their work with national symbolism, including cocoa beans, coffee seeds and the Akwaba motif meaning ‘to welcome’, our artists invited the world to step foot inside Ivory Coast’s story, while the creation of a contemporary graphic fresco gave way to a celebration of its days to come.

In depicting a nation’s past, present and future, Yay Abe and Maxime Manga scored a hat-trick.

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