Procreate Dreams

8th December 2023

Welcome to the future of animation

Last month, three TDF artists brought the heat to the launch of Procreate’s all-new animation app, Procreate Dreams.

Bernardo Henning, Maxime Manga and Troy Browne created a series of high-octane vignettes that lit up the screens at the Playgrounds Festival in London, showcasing the technology to an audience of animation heavyweights.
Among them for the announcement was the TDF team, who joined the throng on Tottenham Court Road to see the animations trigger instant engagement from the public.

Bernardo played with pace and perspective, Maxime provided colour pops and Troy pushed the power of motion, all expertly demonstrating the depth of the technology.
“I wanted to create something with high energy, while keeping it simple,” Troy explained.

I tried to find a small story to tell in both cases,” Bernardo says. “One influenced by sports, motion and explosion, guided by body movement; the other, more stylish and fashion-based."
Welcome to the future of animation.

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