New Folk : Made By Nelson

29th June 2023

“It's cool, it’s like a butterfly effect: artists inspiring artists.”

Made By Nelson joins TDF, and it’s got us grinning like one of his sweet-souled characters.

After building roots in graphic design, the Perth-based artist has returned to his love of illustration, bringing playful, original artwork to some major global clients including Adobe, Lizzo and Warner Music among others.

In his retro, nostalgic style, Nelson’s illustrations and accompanying affirmations are full of joy. We asked him some questions about his approach, the purpose of his work and what he’d like to see change in the industry.
What has informed your visual style and illustrative world?

It's like a blend of all my favourite things. Mainly, my characters are inspired by the traditional works of Max Fleischer and early Walt Disney.

I have a deep appreciation for bold, bright colours, and a love for plants and flowers. I draw a lot of inspiration from botanical illustration books and 80s editorial design. So, it's a harmonious blend of these influences, but it’s always changing and continues to evolve.
What would you say is the purpose of your work?

I have always wanted to create vibrant, lush and fun artwork that brings people into a world of bright, playful and encouraging themes. I want people to look at my work and feel comforted.
Outside of your work, what do you feel inspires your process?

I like to make the effort to attend festivals and events to see how artists in various industries are expressing themselves and producing their art.

It's cool, it’s like a butterfly effect: when you witness an artist showcasing their work with vulnerability, it can stir up creativity and inspire you in many ways. Likewise, other artists can draw inspiration from your own work, creating a cycle of artists inspiring artists.
Where do you think positive change in the industry could happen?

I think we’re already starting to see some positive changes. For a long time artists have had to turn to traditional media and publishing outlets to have their work seen. Now, we’re seeing creatives use platforms and tools to monetise their work themselves.

Artists now have the freedom to publish, produce, sell, collaborate with brands and connect with a worldwide audience, all while working from their own homes/ studios.
Your work is full of positive quotes. Have you got one that you live by?

“Trust that the best is yet to come.”
We couldn’t agree more. Keep an eye out for projects soon to come from Made By Nelson.

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