New Folk: Fran Caballero

19th January 2023

A big, bright juxtaposition of the weighty and the whimsical

Fran Caballero’s work is a masterclass in magnetism. From Google doodles to Guardian illustrated guides, few have proven immune to the pull of this Glasgow-based artist and his offbeat approach to design.

Fran’s unique aesthetic combines bright colours, unexpected curves and intriguing characters – all of which provide a captivating canvas for his observational messaging.

Commenting on life’s more complex moments through the magic of vignettes, Fran’s body of work is a big, bright juxtaposition of the weighty and the whimsical, designed to engross.
Counting Apple, NBC, The New York Times and a host of other US and UK heavy hitters among his clients, Fran’s style may be open to interpretation, but his impact certainly isn’t.

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