Maxime Manga x Universal Music

27th June 2024

A Punky Reggae Party Reborn

Maxime Manga provided the visuals for Bob Marley’s 1977 deepcut ‘Punky Reggae Party’: seven minutes of animated cut-out shapes, stencil lettering and kaleidoscopic patterns layered over footage of the reggae legend.

“I'd never done such a long animation,” says Maxime, who was limited in available archive material. “And there were so few elements – there wasn’t much in concrete terms."

But the constraints forced Maxime to go to new creative lengths. “Confidence was born: the confidence in myself and in my creations – because today I know I can do it.”

Maxime says his mix of grainy video, ghostly silhouettes and twitching, black-and-white photography was inspired by the days of VHS. “When I was a kid, my father used to buy a lot of VHS and I remember watching them in front of the cathode-ray TV. I wanted to give that effect back to the video.”

Commissioned by Universal Music, the brief – inspired by London ‘77 and Marley’s time in the UK – called for “Youth culture. Reggae culture. Punk-Rock culture. Skate culture. Revolution. Unity. London. Jamaica.”

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