Josephine Rais x Soho House

18th August 2023

60 days of summer

In a recent collaboration with Soho House, Josephine Rais was given carte blanche to focus solely on character creation. With six other artists on a weekly rota, the Berlin-based artist was commissioned to create custom artwork using the members club’s existing photography as the canvas.

Playing with textures and filters allowed her to wed her trademark colour palette with real-world tones, delivering a cast of characters perfectly at home in the edgy splendour of Soho House.
“My inspiration was my last visit to New York in 2022,” she says of the characters’ aesthetic. “I wanted to capture a modern, business style that embodies the coolness and boldness of New York, yet still resonates with everyone.”

With the blending of illustration and photography experiencing somewhat of a renaissance, Josephine’s take is a refreshing contribution to an evolving space.

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