Endless Takeout x Mother

23rd February 2022

Welcome to the family

A picture might paint a thousand words, but look long enough at one of Endless Takeout’s detail-rich illustrations and you’ll feel like you’ve lived another lifetime.

It’s this ability to expertly weave narrative depth into her work that caught the attention of creative agency Mother London. After 25 years in the industry, Mother knew it would take more than a headshot to get people’s attention.

A far cry from the standard new-hire announcement, Endless creates an intriguing, multi-layered scene depicting Mother’s partners in a warm retro palette. The three sit around a desk strewn with a freshly baked pie, an open bottle of red, ski goggles and just a few work-related items too – objects we assume that are essential to Mother’s day-to-day operations.
Playing with exaggerated perspective, Mona Lisa-style eye-contact and detail worthy of a Renaissance painting, Endless Takeout’s contemplative illustration invites you to wonder, among other things, ‘What is that duck doing in the background?!’

The longer you look the more you see! Dive into more of Endless Takeout’s captivating works here.

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