Clémence Gouy - Courtside in Paris

28th July 2023

High colour, big scale

In an homage to two French 3x3 basketball champions, Clémence Gouy created an on-court masterpiece. Transforming the asphalt at Paris’ Centre Sportif Philippe Auguste, the artist depicted Olympian Marie-Ève Paget and U23 World Cup winner Anna Ngo Ndjock in a vibrant giant-scale face-off.

“It’s been an honour to draw their portraits,” says Clémence, in particular portraying these sportswomen “as warriors in an urban space where the male presence is often omnipresent.”

These portraits dominate the court in a powerful duotone of deep purple and basketball-orange, with corners marked by fierce gargoyle-like dragon heads.

It’s a mark of women taking up space in sports environments and a worthy tribute to two players who rule the court, literally and figuratively.

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