Bernardo Henning x Kopparberg

28th July 2023

Ice Bucket Hat

Nothing tops sipping a chilled drink on a summer’s day. And in this ice cold collaboration, TDF’s Bernardo Henning and Kopparberg make that experience even sweeter.

The first of its kind, Kopparberg’s multifunctional ‘Ice Bucket Hat’ keeps drinks cool and, thanks to Bernardo Henning's handiwork, the summer even cooler.

Behind the scene process here

“My style is bold and colourful, to be consistent with a particular colour scheme, and to create ‘movement’ in still images,” says Bernardo. And with energetic swipes and textured marks, the Argentinian artist brings his linework to life in a design fit for the bubbly drink.

Charged with the warmth of summer – sandy yellows and deep sea blues – Bernardo’s palette is all about the feeling of the season. “​​The inspiration for this project felt really natural for me. I had the opportunity to create something inspired by summer and good times,” he says.

Bernardo can already picture the ideal setting for his new creation: “I imagine the Ice Bucket Hat being worn on a sunny hot day at the river or the beach, hanging with friends until the sun goes down.”

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