Kika Klat: Flaconi Horoscopes

7th February 2022

The Beauty of Astrology

As the sun set on 2021 and the dawn of a new year beckoned, Flaconi turned to the cosmos for guidance.
Combining astrological interpretation with aesthetic inclination, the online German beauty store met its audience at an unusual point on the consumer journey: the zodiac sign. And that’s where Kika Klat came in.
With Kika’s creative vision at the helm, the retailer’s cosmos-based concept was instantly brought to life.
An eye-catching insight into the astrological landscape, Kika combined pastel shades with bold colours – perfectly capturing the essence of each of the 12 star signs. The star of Flaconi’s homepage, Kika expertly infused Western astrology with her own unique energy.
You can check out more of Kika Klat’s work here.

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