Lynnie Z's Spring Updates

30th March 2021

Our Lynnie Z has been delivering the goods again with some electrifying personal work. The mainstay stylish Lynnie characters feature, this time with some fresh inspiration.

We’re loving the dainty homoerotic detail of this piece, like a window into a tender embrace caught silhouetted on a dark evening, illuminated only by the twinkles of nearby neon.

This dynamic duo are giving us chic, parisienne jester vibes, clutching wilting flowers like tragi-comedy mimes trapped in a sordid affair. Are they strong enough to part ways or can they just not resist the drama? Non, je ne regrette rien!
The Phoenix here is positively radioactive with it’s dizzying frame behind prophetic moon and star feathers. If you’re not inspired to write a book about an influential cult after getting lost in this painting, then you must not be looking properly. Try again.

The longing to click the ‘leave meeting’ button has become too much to handle as she imagines falling into the red abyss, popping up in another zoomless realm, surrounded by rainbows and sunshine. Or, it could be the crushing weight of Sunday Scaries after a weekend at the pub.

We can all agree that come Autumn, we want a collection of polaroids with this same feeling of nostalgia and warmth emanating from the summer just gone. Lynnie’s squares are a great exercise in smaller compositions. When can we get one in a locket?

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