Adobe Create Forward

11th January 2021


It’s not every day that an illustrator gets commissioned to highlight their favourite artist’s work. The #AdobeCreateForward campaign aims to do just that, paying forward the attention and appreciation of some of your favourite illustrator’s illustrators.
In an unexpected turn of events, Josephine Rais decided to create an homage to one of our latest recruits to the TDF family - Ju Schnee! With two markedly different styles, Josephine’s creation is a merging of colour and space that seems to read, ‘this is how you make me feel’.
Taking inspiration from Ju’s piece, ‘Elephant in a room’, Josephine places a woman inside the square instead of the original, lilac abstract form. Her woman contorts herself into the tight space, feeling it out and looking back at you. But with the bright colours, patterns and an expression of enticement, you know she isn’t claustrophobic. Quite the opposite. Understanding Ju Schnee’s repertoire of animated pieces helps you see that all the lines, colours and textures are there to imply a sense of movement. This seemingly small dimension that Josephine’s woman inhabits isn’t like Alice in Wonderland growing exponentially, in a Ju world, those walls move and morph, as just one of many dimensions.
Josephine gives herself the rare opportunity to touch and push against Ju’s walls, maybe even fall through them, judging by the subtle, stark line that cuts her back and hair to the right.

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