New Signing: Somewan

6th September 2021

Whimsical illustrations inspired by real-life moments

We have the pleasure of introducing you to our latest signing—the ultra-talented and cat-obsessed, Tengwan Quek, aka Somewan.
Whether it’s a downward dog or a mountain hike, Somewan’s illustrations often depict the quieter reality of everyday life, reminding us to slow down and enjoy the small things.
Despite working under the alias “Somewan”, Tengwan is not just anyone; she’s a Singapore-born and based illustrator who loves to draw. Having first picked up the pencil aged three, she has since transformed her passion for art into a career that already spans ten years.
With enviable experience, Somewan has perfected a balance between the creativity of illustration and the practicality of digital design. This means she can take on projects with a flexibility that’s equal to her very own Yogi creations.
Her button-eyed characters and bold colour combinations give her illustrations a unique charm that many clients can’t help but love… And we don’t blame them! By connecting their ideas with her imagination, Somewan brings vision to a canvas in the most effective way every time.
To see yours brought to life, please get in touch with The Different Folk today.

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