Josephine Rais Kurt Geiger

4th November 2020

We are One

What do love, diversity, change, equality, kindness, freedom and anti-racism have in common? Josephine Rais was recently commissioned to see whether it matters what you have on your feet when pursuing the answer.
From Josephine’s animation it seems that she and the team at Kurt Geiger came to the agreement that comfort, and confidence are paramount to tackling each of those things, with sexy kitten heels, bold bouncy trainers and decadent fuzzy slippers featured in the campaign. Then, a nod to flamboyant pursuits of the past in rainbow streaks that Josephine ribbons through each scene, tempting consumers in to rep their allegiance.
LGBTQI+ flag or not, Josephine shows that any space with these kicks on can be a march, a statement. Refreshingly diverse, Kurt Geiger’s campaign is ambitious in trying to include each facet, but Josephine’s luscious colourscapes effortlessly illuminate customers to the variety of lifestyles these shoes can exist in. People burst into the scenarios so relaxed, so unmissable that even the most mundane act is sending a message.
Apart from of course, the actual message that is peppered on models’ shirts as part of the collection - Be Kind - which, on reflection, has to be the unifying common ground to all of these causes. Josephine lights them up with rainbows so punchy in the moody backgrounds, they might as well be neon signs.

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